Telephone Systems For Hotels

Mission Statement

AEI’s objective is to stay at the forefront of technology providing innovative, high quality telephone systems for hotels and unparalleled service worldwide for the Hospitality Industry.


AEI Communications Corp., was founded in May 2010 by former Teledex management and G-Tek Electronics. Based in Dallas, Texas, USA and Penang, Malaysia. AEI was established as a subsidiary of G-Tek Electronics, an engineering design and manufacturing company headquartered in Taiwan and Malaysia that was the primary manufacturer supplier of guest room telephones to Teledex for 18 years, and has delivered millions of high quality guest room telephones. AEI was formed to serve the hospitality industry with advanced in-room analog and IP telephone systems and solutions.

Management Experience & Leadership

AEI’s management has over 35 years of collective hospitality industry experience. Broad skill sets include Engineering, Operations, Marketing and Sales. The AEI team, while at Teledex, established worldwide marketing and distribution strategies that others follow today. The principles applied then, of high quality products, consistent and responsive support for our hotel and distribution partners, plus worldwide coverage through a network of distributors, will continue to be followed at AEI. As telephony technology continues to evolve, AEI is fully prepared to satisfy current and future hotel product requirements through continuing engineering innovation and a dynamic team of visionaries committed to delivering excellence.

Products, Engineering & Operations

Telephone Systems For Hotels

Our engineering teams in Texas and Taiwan have achieved an uncommon synergy, conducive to creating innovative products that integrate the latest technological advances while satisfying the growing and changing needs of the Hospitality Industry. Our phones are compatible with existing analog and IP hotel communications infrastructures and all the popular PBX systems. This compatibility allows for smooth migrations from analog to IP – SIP technologies without causing unnecessary disruptions. AEI’s phone families feature unified designs, enabling hotels to mix analog and IP phones with the same family look, to help ease the transition.

AEI phones are manufactured in our manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. We therefore have control over the complete process, from design concept to production, and every step in between.

Service Philosophy

AEI believes in providing world class quality service with in-depth knowledge of the Hospitality Industry and innovative, stylish designs that meet and often exceed the high expectations of hoteliers worldwide. Our global coverage begins with a network of strategic partners, distributors and dealers that understand how to service local customers in their local language, within the local culture. The right attitude, adopted at headquarters, permeates the worldwide communication organization.

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