Support & Configuration Guide

IP Phone Configuration Guides

Auto Provisioning

Installation Guides

ALN/AKD Stand installation

Install AGR Faceplate

ALN/AKD Removing Faceplate

Pairing Guides

Auto paring

AGR 8206 SMK 7979 Auto paring & Room number Setting

AGR-8206-SMK : Pairing two handsets

Configuring DECT Repeater with AEi DECT Master

Phone Configuration

VX Handset Modify Room Number

Demo logo & icon

AGR 8206 SMK 7979 How to remove the 2 mark

Power related

VX Handset install the battery

The “Battery backup” Installation

Product information

IP Station introduction

VM Series Introduction

GR cordless handset

VX introduction

VR Series Introduction

VM 4.3” introduction

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