• Compact & cost saving new solution to hotels and visitors!BYOD is a hotel solution with advanced connectivity allow private mobile phones to link with.This new solution provides the benefits of Hygienic , Mobility , and Convenience to all the hotel guests. Once the guests enter the guestroom and connect their smart phones to BYOD master through WiFi, guests are able to use their smart phone as an extension to call or access the various hotel guest services at anything anywhere in a wide operating zone with stable conversation quality.
  • One or Two Line IP corded speakerphone.Our VH series of VoIP phones deliver state-of-the-art IP technologies that enable you to unlock the true value of your IP investment. Deploy the VH series as a feature-rich corded IP phone with a display. Perfect for saving money on VoIP port licensing fees!Easier management, greater guest service, and better cost control are at the heart of every one of AEi’s advanced VoIP solutions. 
  • Beauty, functionality and cost savings. What more could you need?This new addition to the AEi DECT accessory phones range is truly unique to the industry.The tiny form factor full touch screen phone offers all the functionality you’d expect from a full size desk speaker phone and can be paired with any of our DECT master phones, whether IP or analogue.This amazing new model also offers so much more. It provides an interface for in-room automation so that all room automation such as curtains, lights, air conditioning etc can all be operated from the phone, thus representing great cost saving opportunities for hotels.
  • Wall Mount Single Line IP Speaker PhoneThis Wall Mount Single Line phone is perfect when space is tight, or you don't need too many services or functions. The elegant design and compact footprint of the VS series make it perfect for elevator lobbies and other public spaces, as well as guest rooms in limited-service properties, or as additional phones in suites.It's wall mountable for great flexibility. The VS series is a perfect way to round out your offering!
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