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Analog Phone Supplier For Hospitality

With an array different types of analog telephones that use copper wire, connected to plain telephone service (PSTN) lines we are the analog phone supplier for you.

Features of Analog Phones

Analog phones are

  • Extremely reliable
  • Have good voice quality
  • Enhanced mobility due to hands-free feature
  • Easier to maneuver around your workspace
  • Reduces fatigue due to its hands-free nature
  • Support features, like Flash , Mute , Redial and programmable keys
  • Inexpensive and easy to use

As an analog phone supplier, the unique design features of AEi phones are the programmable guest service keys, making it easier for guests to reach the services they need.

You may also integrate VoIP equipment with any existing analog phones, creating a hybrid model.

We’re an analog phone supplier for phone connection to an analog or hybrid port of a PBX, or directly to an analog landline. hybrid port of a PBX, or directly to an analog landline. They have large information surfaces that can be individually marked and are compatible with all telephone systems.


From stylish Retro wall-mounted or Moxy single-line corded telephones or sophisticated single line phones, let us be the analog phone supplier your organisation can rely on. Typically available in ash or black.

How relevant are analog phones in the hotel industry?

They are still very relevant and have many benefits to offer to close networks like a hotel.

All AEi IP phones are certified interoperable with these leading hospitality IP-PBX’s:

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